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Quote from Tim in Don't Tell Momma

Tim: Eddie, Eddie. The kids called, said my wife is down here looking for a book she lost. I gotta get it out of the car.
Eddie: Well, actually, Tim...
Tim: I got no time. If she sees the car, she's gonna kill me. I gotta get that book, right?
Jill: You mean this book?
Tim: Look, she's here. Hi.
Jill: How did you do this to my car?
Eddie: You said she did it.
Tim: That's not what I said.
Eddie: Oh, yes, you did. Don't you remember? You said she parked it under a crane and a 3-ton beam fell on it.
Tim: You're killing me here, Eddie.
Eddie: Oh, sure. I get it. Everybody always blames the body shop guy. Right. Next he'll be telling her I dropped the beam on it.

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