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Quote from Wilson in The Colonel

Jill: That's why we had this house policy never to upset him. I always tried to follow that rule, but today I couldn't.
Wilson: So, you're feeling that telling him the truth was a mistake?
Jill: I've always really adored my father. You know, I don't wanna do anything to hurt that relationship.
Wilson: You mean the relationship where you don't tell him the truth?
Jill: Yeah, that would be the one. I don't know. I mean, look what happened when I told him the truth. Maybe I should have just kept my mouth shut.
Wilson: Well, George Bernard Shaw wouldn't have thought so. He said we must not stay as we are, doing always what was done last time, or we shall stick in the mud.
Jill: Well, I'm stuck in something deep here, Wilson, but it ain't mud.

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