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Quote from Dwayne in Dollars and Sense

Tim: It takes a certain kind of man to navigate the high steel. There's no two better guys to tell us some safety tips about walking the girders than the boys from K&B Construction Company up there in Bay City, Michigan. Let's give a big round of applause for Dwayne and Pete. It's great to have you guys on the show.
Pete: Always great to be here, Timmy.
Dwayne: Especially today, Tim, because we have brought along some other boys...
Tim: Dwayne! Dwayne!
Dwayne: Say hello to Sam, Tom, Tim, Pete, John, Bill, John-Bob, Bob-Bob, Billy-Bob and Bob.
Tim: Hey, K&Bers, how you doin'? Maybe after the show you all go back to Al-Bob's house, have some milk and cookies.

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