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Quote from Tim in Birth of a Hot Rod

Tim: Hey, hey, hey, I'm trying to work on the engine out here. What's going on?
Randy: Dad, tell Mark to keep his grubby hands out of the Cocoa Busters.
Tim: Mark!
Mark: But I want the 3-D baseball cards.
Tim: [inquisitive grunt] 3-D? I'll get 'em out of there.
Randy: Dad, they're not in there. You have to eat eight boxes and send in the proofs-of-purchase.
Tim: For a normal family that would pose a problem, but we're Taylors. Let's pig out. Open those hoods. [Tim pours cereal into the boys' mouths]
Jill: Very classy.
Tim: And the good news is, hon, they got 2% of our daily minimum requirement of riboflavin.
Jill: Whoa. Riboflavin. Can't get enough of that.

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