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Quote from Tim in Ex Marks the Spot

Al: Welcome back to Tool Time.
Tim: Oh, spring is in the air, isn't it? Birds are chirpin'. Flowers are growin'. Bees are buzzin'. And your wife is whispering something soft in your ear, like: "Hey, you big ape. Get up off that couch and paint the house!" I'm not shutting any game off until I can paint the house a man's way. That'd be using a compressor. Oh, yeah.
Al: That's right, but before you spray, you want to prepare your surface.
Tim: That's right, Al. And that's why today, Al and I will be doing our Tool Time salute... to stripping.
[The audience whoops as Tim pulls down a shutter featuring a picture of a scantily-clad woman with Al's face]
Tim: Excuse me, Al.
[When Al closes the shutter, Tim is holding up another picture of Al's face on a scantily-clad woman]

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