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Quote from Jill in Roomie for Improvement

Randy: Mom, please, please don't run away.
Jill: These are for your father. He's never had chickenpox and I don't want Mark to give 'em to him, so he's gonna have to move out for a few days.
Randy: Huh. Well, I've never had chickenpox either. I think I'll just go pack my bags and check into a nice hotel.
Jill: Yeah, yeah, yeah. You stay right where you are. I want you to get 'em. Did you kiss your brother like I told you to?
Randy: Oh, yeah. We're getting married next Tuesday.
Jill: I wish you would be nicer to your brother. You know, he's probably the only little brother you're ever gonna have. In fact, I guarantee you he's the only little brother you're ever gonna have. So here, just take this juice to him. And you better be sick when you get up in the morning.

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