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Quote from Tim in Something Old, Someone Blue

Tim: See, a man wouldn't plan one of these big shindigs. A man's wedding would be simple and direct. Right, guys? [men grunt] It wouldn't cost an arm and a leg, either. I could do a wedding for, ooh, I don't know, [blows raspberry] the top of my head, $137.50. $132.00 without flowers.
Al: There is no way you can do a wedding for that kind of money.
Tim: Watch me! The first thing to go, are those expensive invitations women have. A man's invitation would cost about... mmm, 20 cents.
Al: [scoffs] What are you taking about?
Tim: I'll show you. [takes out cell phone] Hank! Yeah. I'm getting hitched. What are you doing Tuesday?
Al: Tuesday? That's ridiculous. Nobody would go to a wedding on a Tuesday.
Tim: Ah-ha! Added bonus then. Eliminates 80% of your rogue relatives.

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