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Quote from Tim in The Karate Kid Returns

Tim: This isn't like you. You're smarter than this. Getting in fights? What's this all about?
Randy: Dad, I know. There were a bunch of kids around and I didn't want it to get back to Lauren that I was a wimp.
Tim: Well, roughing up somebody is no way to impress a girl.
Randy: It didn't impress Lauren. Let's face it, Dad. I know nothing about women.
Tim: Well, join the club. All I know about women is I've been ticking them off for years.
Randy: Well, I didn't even get started with Lauren and now it's over.
Tim: No, no, no, no, no, no. Another thing I know about women is that they'll give you another chance. Come on, your mom's given me 10,000.
Randy: I know what I should do. I should go to Lauren and just beg.
Tim: No! You're only 14 years old. If you start begging now, you'll have nothing to look forward to.

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