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Quote from Wilson in The Karate Kid Returns

Wilson: Well, I just don't understand. Would it have been so horrible for them to have recorded one of my verses?
Tim: Why is this so important to you?
Wilson: I just always thought I had a flair for writing.
Tim: You do. I mean, you wrote a book.
Wilson: Yes, I did. The Psycho-Physiological Indices of Amorous Connections Among Termites of the Southwest.
Tim: And it's a great book. I'm halfway through the title already.
Wilson: Well, Tim, my book sold four copies. Fun, Fun, Fun sold four million.
Tim: Well, I think it's a fact of life people would rather have fun than termites.
Wilson: Well, the two are not mutually exclusive.
Tim: Hold on a second. Let me ask you a question here. What if one of your cousins had come to you with suggestions about things to put in your book?
Wilson: Well, don't be ridiculous. Why would I go to The Beach Boys for their views on entomology? [off Tim's look] Ahhh. Mm-hm. Mm-hm. Mm-hm. And why would they come to me about writing surfer songs?

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