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Quote from Benny in The Wood, the Bad and the Hungry

Benny: Excuse me. [answers phone] Hello. Yeah, Skipper. Keep praying. Yeah, what's the spread on the Lions game? All right. Put me down for 200 bucks on Kansas City. Happy Thanksgiving to you too. [hangs up] [chuckles] OK, let's chow down.
Jill: Benny, a person who is destitute shouldn't be gambling.
Benny: I agree. What does that have to do with me?
Tim: Well... The truth is, Randy and I saw you last night at the soup kitchen.
Benny: What were you doing there?
Tim: Well, Randy's helping out. What were you doing there?
Benny: I like the soup.
Jill: You like the soup?
Al: That's despicable. You're stealing food from the needy.
Benny: I don't steal it. I pay for it with my tax dollars.
Tim: What tax dollars? You haven't had a job in years.

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