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Quote from Wilson in The Longest Day

Tim: And the little one with the supercharged lungs is my youngest son Randy. Got a little colic.
Wilson: Mmm, I know. I've been hearing it for the past few nights.
Tim: Sorry about that.
Wilson: I took the liberty to mix you up a batch of ginger-root juice for your son's colic.
Tim: And I'm supposed to put that in his bottle?
Wilson: No. You just rub a little bit on his belly.
Tim: All right. At this point, I'm willing to try anything. You sure it's all right? Easy, easy, easy. Easy, boy. Oh, oh. Why are you looking at me like that? Stop crying. Just a little bit. Won't hurt. Right here. Mm-hm.
Wilson: Huh?
Tim: It worked. So that's what you look like when you're not crying, huh?
Wilson: Oh, ho-ho-ho. He is a handsome little fella.
Tim: Hey. Thanks very much. You know, when I first got married, didn't think I ever wanted kids. Now that it happened, I like 'em. I like 'em better than cars. You got kids?
Wilson: I don't even have a car.
Tim: Um, thanks for the belly rub. I'm going to put him to bed now.
Wilson: Feel free to stop by anytime and chat.
Tim: Well, thanks, but I'm a pretty private guy. I don't like sharing my problems with other guys, OK? Good night.
Wilson: Good night.

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