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Quote from Wilson in The Longest Day

Jill: Maybe I should try the doctor again. When was the last time I called?
Wilson: Well, right before you asked me that question.
Jill: I don't understand why this stuff keeps happening to Randy. He's always been the one with health problems. He had allergies, asthma. Even as a baby, he had awful colic.
Wilson: Oh-oh, Randy's colic. I remember when Tim used to walk him back and forth in the yard, trying to get him to sleep. As a matter of fact, that's when Tim and I first met.
Tim: [sings] In my GTO you're really looking good Three deuces and a four-speed [talks] Oh, come on, Randy. This song used to put Brad right out. Buddy, come on. Huh?
Wilson: Hi-di-ho, new neighbor.
Tim: Huh? Hi-di what?
Wilson: Oh, just a little expression of mine.
Tim: [grunts] Oh, yeah, sure. Just a little [grunts] ho-ho-ho.
Wilson: What in the world was that strange noise?
Tim: That's just an expression of mine. Um, hope my kid's crying didn't wake you up, sir.
Wilson: No. I was already up feeding my pet octopus. So, I've been meaning to come over and introduce myself. I'm Wilson Wilson.
Tim: Um... I'm Tim-Tim Taylor. How are you?

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