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Quote from Bud in The Bud Bowl

Tim: Well, Jill didn't have all that much fun, and I'm not going to ask her to do it again. Even if it means me going to Pakistan and doing Turban Time.
Bud: Pakistan?
Tim: Yeah. Jean told me all about that last vice president. Beat you in bowling, you shipped him off to Pakistan.
Bud: Ah. Oh. Did she also tell you it was her idiot brother who was embezzling money from the company?
Tim: I think she might have left out that little detail.
Bud: Uh-huh. I built that plant in Pakistan so we'd have a place to send him.
Tim: So you're not the type of guy to hold a grudge against someone who beat you.
Bud: Of course not. I'm a better businessman than that.
Tim: In that case, I got some ideas I want to run by you about Binford and my future.
Bud: Well, I want to hear them. Call my secretary and make an appointment, OK? Oh, oh, wait a minute. I sent her to Pakistan, too.

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