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Quote from Delores in When Harry Kept Delores

Benny: Gotta be some doughnuts in here someplace.
Marty: [holds up coffee machine] Hey, Benny! I found it!
Benny: Great.
Delores: All right, you freeloaders! You got five minutes to buy something. Otherwise, you're out on your fat rumps!
Marty: She brings a soft, gentle quality to the hardware store.
Benny: Being around her really is depressing. I have half a mind to go out and look for a job.
Al: Yeah, well, how do you think I feel? I'm part owner, and she makes me feel like a stock boy.
Delores: Hey, stocky boy! Run across the street and get me some hot tea.
Tim: Yeah, "stocky boy." Remember how she likes it - two sugars and a big lump of arsenic.

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