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Quote from Jill in Doctor in the House

Tim: Cute, real cute. Feel like an idiot. I feel like an idiot. The only reason I'm here is because they want a celebrity to solicit funds.
Jill: Hey, hey, she just is from the fund-raising committee. She doesn't represent everybody at Western. [Tim sighs] Look, even if they are just giving this to you because you're a celebrity, you wouldn't be a celebrity if you didn't have a great show. and Binford hired you in the first place because you did so well in engineering at Western.
Tim: You believe that?
Jill: Yes, I do. I'm sorry. l... I should've been more supportive all along. I just... I was feeling jealous because it's gonna be so many years until I get my doctorate.
Dean Cummings: The presentation of the Ph.D.s is about to begin.
Jill: By the time I get my Ph.D., I'll be too old to remember what Ph.D. stands for.
Tim: Don't feel bad. I'm just about to get one, and I still don't know what it stands for.
Jill: Knock 'em dead.

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