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Quote from Tim in Wilson's Girlfriend

Al: Welcome back to Bachelor Week right here on Tool Time. If you remember, yesterday Tim showed us how to shave in the car when you're running behind. [Tim has small band-aids all over his face] Today, it's Al's turn, with a look at the rough-and-tumble world of...
Al: Ironing. Now, ironing used to be a woman's domain. But not these days.
Tim: Because they won't do it for us anymore.
Al: More importantly, a man should know how to do his own ironing. Now, I think of an iron as just another tool. You can even hang it from your tool belt.
Tim: But you don't want to plug it in, 'cause there are certain things you don't want ironed.
Al: Historically, men have been ironing for ages. The first irons were made of iron heated by fire. This iron here was developed to be heated by coal.
Tim: Then came the nine irons, your tire irons, and my personal favorite, your Jeremy Irons. He's so wonderful.

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