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Quote from Tim in No, No, Godot

Tim: [on the phone] Augie, I can't believe you don't want to buy these tickets. You'd pass up a hockey game like this to go to your uncle's funeral? Yeah. He's not gonna know you're not there. What about your aunt?
Does she like hockey? Augie? Augie? [hangs up]
Jill: So I'm guessing no luck.
Tim: No luck. Everybody's got a lot of good reasons not to go. A wedding, a funeral. Open heart surgery.
Jill: Guess you'll have to forget about these hockey tickets.
Tim: Wait a minute. Joe Louis Arena is only five minutes from this little theatre. You and Ilene can drop Al and me off, we'll sell the tickets, and meet you there.
Jill: Oh, forget it! The minute you get near there, you'll go to the game.
Tim: I promise. I'll be back in the seat next to you fast asleep before the curtain goes up.
Jill: That's all I ask.

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