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Quote from Marty in He Ain't Heavy, He's Just Irresponsible

Marty: You're telling me things are gonna get better, right?
Tim: There's no guarantees, I'm just saying things got better for Jill and l.
Marty: But you're telling me I shouldn't leave.
Tim: Marty, I'm not gonna tell you that. I can't do this. You gotta make your own decision here.
Marty: I can't imagine my life without Nancy.
Tim: I can't imagine any other woman havin' ya.
Marty: I sure hate the idea of leaving the kids. I mean, when they're not puking and pooping, they're really cute.
Tim: They do grow out of that, you know. Help me fix the distributor on the hot rod, will you?
Marty: I'm just looking forward to the day when I can pick up one of the kids and nothing gooey shoots out at me.

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