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Quote from Tim in Fifth Anniversary

Tim: Here we have our beverage center. We got beer, got root beer, Pepto-Bismol. But now we get to that main course. Ooh, yeah. And the main course in every man's meal is what?
Al: That would be meat.
Tim: The redder...
Both: The better.
Tim: The man's refrigerator - stainless-steel doors, big cubic inches. Now, what does every man dream about having in a refrigerator?
Al: That's simple, Tim. A butcher.
Tim: Benny, how are you doing?
Benny: Hey, Tim. Hi, Al. What will it be today?
Tim: I don't know. I got a hankering for a thick porterhouse.
Benny: Good choice.
Al: I'll take the petite filet mignon.
Benny: Takes all kinds. Here you go.
Tim: [whistles] Good-looking meat. Thanks a lot. Stay cool.

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