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Quote from Tim in The Eve of Construction

Tim: John, what are you doing?
John Elway: Having a little breakfast while we look at the plan.
Tim: Do I know you?
Eric Hipple: Eric Hipple.
Tim: Eric Hipple. Quarterback for the Lions. Yeah. Didn't recognize you. You're not flat on your back. All right, guys, let's get to work.
Ken O'Brien: You're The Tool Man. What do you want us to do first?
Tim: Well, we're gonna build the walls and then put 'em all up together, same time.
Bill Pickel: It says here we should put these walls up as we build 'em.
Eric Hipple: Yeah. That way we know if it fits.
John Elway: Eric's right, Tim. I think we should stick to the plans.
Tim: John, you're a quarterback. You know, you don't always stick with the plans, okay?
John Elway: Yeah, but we're not playing football, we're building a house.
Tim: All right, I'm gonna say this once. You guys know how to tackle, I know how to spackle, all right? Come on, get to work.

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