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Quote from Tim in Much Ado About Nana

Tim: They're not really embarrassing. Some of them are really kinda funny. My favorite is when you dove off the high-dive as a kid, and the top of your bathing suit came off and the lifeguards were using them as a slingshot. [laughs] Oh, boy. That wasn't funny at all.
Jill: You see, this is just what I mean. Mom always thinks that stuff like that is funny. And if she knew anything about me, she'd realize that those stories are painful to me.
Tim: If they're so painful, why don't you just tell her that?
Jill: I can't tell my mother.
Tim: [imitates her] Why can't you tell your mother?
Jill: It's old stuff, Tim, you know? Just stay out of it, OK?
Tim: All right, all right. I'm neutral. I'm Switzerland. I have no opinion.

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