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Quote from Al in Let's Did Lunch

Tim: Remember to make the final strokes with just the tip of your brush. That way, you'll end up with a beautiful finish, just like on this American walnut cabinet.
Al: Tim, it's not American walnut. It's English walnut.
Tim: Wrong, Al. That's American walnut.
Al: I don't think so, Tim. Pardon me. [lowers his respirator and sniffs the cabinet drawer] English walnut.
Tim: [sniffs Al] American bearded nut.
Al: I've trained myself to distinguish wood not only by sight and feel, but also by smell.
Tim: And smelling wood must come real handy at parties, huh?
Al: As a matter of fact, Tim, it does.
Tim: If you're a beaver.
Al: If you were lost in the forest in the middle of the night, you'd be grateful for this talent because you could sniff your way back to safety.
Tim: Or you could buy a cellular phone.

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