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Quote from Tim in Pilot

Tim: We got to take off that access panel. All right. Whoa, look at all the wires in there.
Mark: Do you know what all those wires do?
Tim: Yeah, of course. I wouldn't have taken it off if I didn't. Ground, we're looking for ground. Now, red is all... Red... Yellow, see... The sun is yellow, it heats the ground, that's how they name stuff. [sparks fly as Tim cuts a wire] Was that car running? [goes into the garage and screams; returns] Whoo! Shake it off. [Tim and Mark dance around] Ah.
Mark: Are you all right, Dad?
Tim: Yeah. I- I did that to teach you an important lesson.
Mark: What's that, Dad?
Tim: Well, when you work with electricity it's a good idea to shut it all off. Now follow me upstairs. I'll show you how to treat a severe electrical burn.

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