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Quote from A House Divided

Tim: Hey, Benny.
Benny: Hey, guys. I just want to thank you for everything you did.
Tim: You're welcome, buddy.
Benny: Even though I'm not too crazy about the paint job. Can I impose upon you for a second coat?
Tim: Honey? [helps Jill up]
Jill: Mm.
Tim: Bye, Benny.
Jill: Bye-bye.
Benny: Maybe just a different color?


Quote from The Wood, the Bad and the Hungry

Al: Hey, Benny! [laughs] It's good to see you! [hugs Benny]
Ilene: Happy Thanksgiving! [hugs Benny]
Benny: I guess my sponge bath really paid off.
Ilene: Benny, you can let go now.
Al: Ah, honey, the holidays are about giving. OK, that's enough.

Quote from Something Old, Someone Blue

Jill: Oh, look at them. A happy ending. You're getting married.
Ilene: No, we're not.
Jill: You're not.
Al: Well, we thought we'd be better off just friends.
Ilene: Good friends.
Al: Yes.
Benny: [to Tim] Does this mean she's available now?

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