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Al's Video

‘Al's Video’

Season 6, Episode 5 -  Aired October 15, 1996

When Al gets a job presenting a how to video about tools, he invites Tim to be the project's director. Meanwhile, Jill gets a new computer.

Quote from Harry

Al: Moving on. One more shot and we're done. Set up here, I'll go get the props.
Harry: Uh, just a quick suggestion. I think it would be great if we ended with a song.
Al: No singing, no dancing and no ad-libbing.
Tim: [enters] Hey, Harry.
Harry: Go away.
Tim: I'm not gonna drive away any more of you customers.
Harry: I'm not worried about that. I am in the middle of a performance.


Quote from Tim

Tim: You were the boss. I should have let you do it your way.
Al: Well, yes, you should have.
Tim: But I didn't and now you are and it's working out, right?
Harry: [sighs] Could we? I'm falling out of character.
Tim: I'll let you get back to work. I'll see you tomorrow on Tool Time.

Quote from Al

Al: I'm getting ready for my big finale. You know, clamps and vise grips.
Tim: Good.
Al: And I don't know where to put the camera.
Tim: You don't need my opinion.
Al: I know I don't. But I want it, you know. I looked at that first five minutes. It was really, really good. Right up there with Hitchcock.
Tim: Really?
Al: Almost.

Quote from Tim

Tim: OK. Um... Forget the clamps and vise grips. You want to get a big finish, go to knives. Have a low pan. Have Manuel come in top over the blades, scoot down this way. Tilt up, see all the blades shiny and sharp. And then a big finish to... Actually, your idea would be better, you know. Vise grips and clamps.
Al: Yeah?
Tim: And to simplify the shot just shoot from here. Then there's more drama because you see the whole rack.

Quote from Harry

Harry: Look, it's my store and I want to sing at the end of the video.
Al: Harry...
Tim: No, no, no, no, no. Now there's an idea. Hold on a minute. Um, now, your song would be much more effective if you had a big entrance, wouldn't it?
Harry: See? Now we're talking.
Al: An entrance? Maybe from the storeroom.
Tim: Yes.
Al: You know, you could enter in here. Wait for your cue. I'm sure we can get some music in later. [Harry pounds on door]
Harry: [o.s.] Hey, I can't hear the music!
Al: We're back!

Quote from Tim

Tim: It says "done". Time for Monkey Town. [conga music plays] [monkey screeching]
Jill: Oh, my God. What are you doing?
Tim: Hold it, hold it, hold it. I'm picking the lice off my sister right now.
Jill: Have you saved my work?
Tim: It's just a bunch of numbers.
Jill: Tim!
Tim: Hold on, I'm 50 bananas away from being mayor of Monkey Town.
Jill: Hold on for a second. [screeching continues]
Tim: What was that all about?
Jill: You lose my work, I off your monkey.

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