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Gilmore Girls: Written in the Stars

‘Written in the Stars’

Season 5, Episode 3 -  Aired October 5, 2004

Lorelai and Luke go out on their first date together. Rory returns to Yale for her second year. Meanwhile, Richard and Emily are barely talking to each other following their separation.

Quote from Kirk

Taylor Doose: All right. I'll start. Luke's Diner is a staple in this town. Most of us eat there on a regular basis. The Dragonfly Inn, though newer than Luke's Diner, has also become very important in our community. The co-mingling of the owners of these two establishments can only set the stage for disaster.
Luke: What the hell is he talking about?
Lorelai: Well he's not happy with our co-mingling.
Taylor Doose: Think of the consequences. What will happen when the relationship goes sour, as, let's face it, most of Lorelai's relationships do?
Lorelai: Hey!
Taylor Doose: We'll have to choose. Suddenly you'll either be a "Luke" or a "Lorelai", or, if you're Kirk and you can't make a decision to save your life, you'll be neither.
Kirk: He's probably right.
Taylor Doose: That's bad for the economy, bad for the town. I vote against this.


Quote from Kirk

Babette: Fay owned a flower shop, and Art owned a candy store, and they fell madly in love about 10 years ago. Big romance!
Taylor Doose: And for a while, it all worked very synergistically. Flowers and candy seemed like a perfect match.
Miss Patty: Until Art met Margie.
Babette: The fudge queen. Ooh, that was bad.
Taylor Doose: The whole town split right down the middle. Suddenly you could buy flowers or you could buy candy.
Miss Patty: Valentine's Day was a nightmare.
Kirk: Par for the course for me.

Quote from Emily

Emily: [on the phone] Your father came home at 8:30. He went inside the poolhouse for five minutes, and he got back in his car, and he drove away again.
Lorelai: Mom, this is really not a good-
Emily: Traipsing all over the place at all hours of the night.
Lorelai: Uh-huh. Mom, where are you? You sound very far away.
Emily: Park Road.
Lorelai: Park Road. Why?
Emily: I'm not gonna be the one that sits at home alone in the dark like an Italian widow. If he can go out, then I can go out, so I went out.
Lorelai: Well, good for you.
Emily: I figured I'd have dinner. I already had dinner. But if Richard's having two dinners, then I can have two dinners, so I went to a place I used to eat at when I was in college. And do you know what I found? It's a 'Lube-And-Tune' with an X-rated T-shirt store next door.

Quote from Emily

Rory: Well, this is a surprise.
Emily: Well, I simply had to get out of the house and your mother told me you were home, so I thought I'd come by and say hello. Why are there pictures of Asher Fleming everywhere?
Rory: This is a wake for Professor Fleming. He died.
Emily: Well, you'd think your grandfather could have mentioned that to me, but no. I bet he'll make me go to that insufferable man's funeral, though.
Rory: He was cremated.
Emily: Oh, thank God.

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