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That'll Do, Pig

‘That'll Do, Pig’

Season 3, Episode 10 - Aired January 14, 2003

Rory and Dean reconnect following their break-up. When Richard's mother, Trix (Marion Ross), visits for his birthday, Lorelai gives Emily tips on how to cope with a critical mother.

Quote from Jess

Rory: Boy, it's pretty out tonight, isn't it?
Jess: Sure is.
Rory: Like a snow globe.
Jess: Mm-hmm.
Rory: Sparkly. I mean, I don't think a night comes any prettier than this one. And if you take a really pretty night and add a corndog...
Jess: I'm not going to that carnival with you.
Rory: Why not?
Jess: I will be in front of Miss Patty's at nine as promised.
Rory: You are stubborn and impossible.
Jess: See you at nine.


Quote from Lorelai

Lane: Are you serious?
Lorelai: I am serious.
Lane: We can really rehearse in your garage?
Lorelai: In exchange for the promise that you never pose naked on the cover of Rolling Stone no matter how much trouble your career is in.
Lane: I promise. I love you. Do you know how amazing your mother is?
Lorelai: No. Tell her, would ya? She forgot this morning.

Quote from Lorelai

Lane: We are raising money for the marching band this year, mandatory booth manning is involved.
Lorelai: Man, Lane – marching band, rock band.
Lane: Music is my life.
Lorelai: [waves] Hi, Mrs. Kim!
Lane: So not funny.

Quote from Lane

Lane: I’m sorry, can we get back to the band uniforms, ‘cause on a scale of one to ten, how much do I not wanna let Dave see me like that?
Lorelai & Rory: Ten.
Lane: Okay, thanks.

Quote from Rory

Rory: The bell rang.
Paris: What?
Rory: The bell? That loud metal musical contraption that when hit loudly by a vibrating mallet signals the end of this particular educational experience.

Quote from Paris

Paris: Well, if there's nothing really to talk about, what's the point, right?
Louise: You said that one student council meeting a week was not enough.
Madeline: Yeah, you said that was no way to govern, that meeting once a week was lazy, ineffectual, and if we were going to do it like that, we might as well just buy ourselves a ranch in Texas.
Paris: Fine, if you guys wanna sit around for an hour after school swapping makeover horror stories, then count me in. Hey, did I ever tell you about the time I plucked outside of my designated brow line? Man, was my face red.
Madeline: I've done that, too. Ooh, it's bad.
Louise: She was being sarcastic.
Madeline: Well, I wasn't. I looked surprised for a month.

Quote from Paris

Paris: I never thought I'd hear a boy tell me he loved me.
Rory: That's great.
Paris: He invited me back up for Easter break.
Rory: You're going, I assume?
Paris: Are you kidding? And miss a chance to debate Christ rising from the dead? I'm so there.

Quote from Michel

Lorelai: All you had to say was "Welcome to Stars Hollow", that's it.
Michel: I know, I thought I did, and then they got angry and threw breadsticks and butter pats.
Lorelai: Michel.
Michel: I'm looking.
Lorelai: You only had to say one word in Hungarian... welcome, that's it. How bad could it be?
Michel: Very bad.
Lorelai: Oh, Michel.
Michel: Very, very bad.

Quote from Emily

Emily: [on the phone] However, today he came in and changed his mind, so I expect the two of you at eight. And bring a gift, but don't get him a cigar humidor.
Lorelai: Okay.
Emily: I bought him a cigar humidor.
Lorelai: I assumed.
Emily: It's gorgeous. It belonged to a lieutenant in the army in World War I. Apparently, he kept it in his field office in France. There are carvings in the bottom that the dealer said could possibly be coded messages.
Lorelai: Cool.
Emily: I think so, too.

Quote from Michel

Lorelai: Well?
Michel: It's fine. All we have to do is pay the ransom and they will give us the busboy back.

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