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Say Something

‘Say Something’

Season 5, Episode 14 - Aired February 15, 2005

Lorelai races to talk to Luke after the drama at the wedding ceremony. Meanwhile, Rory tries to connect with Logan.

Quote from Michel

Sookie: Please, help. You're just standing there.
Michel: I'm staying out of the way. In situations like this, "do not get in the way" is so valuable.
Sookie: Well, get in the way. Entertain the kids.
Michel: Like I'm Sponge Boy Big Pants or something? I do not entertain children.


Quote from Michel

Michel: Wait, twelve? I thought there were six. Six little girls.
Lorelai: Six girls and their six dolls.
Michel: I beg your pardon?
Lorelai: This is a pancake breakfast for the girls and their dolls.
Michel: Get out of town.
Lorelai: I thought you knew that.
Michel: Dolls, as in they don't have stomachs, lungs or spleens? And we are serving them breakfast?
Lorelai: That's right.
Michel: Teeth? Throat? Colons? They don't have these things either? Unless they are Brides of Chucky.
Lorelai: I'm not paying attention to you anymore.

Quote from Lorelai

Lorelai: [on the phone] Hey, Luke, it's me. I know I'm not supposed to be calling, but I am not doing really great right now, and - I was just wondering, if, do you remember in The Way We Were, how Katie and Hubbell broke up because his friends were joking and laughing, and the president had just died, and she yelled at them and he was mad and he was going out to Hollywood, and, I mean, which she hated, and and he broke up with her and she was really... upset. And she called him and asked him if he would come over and sit with her because he was her best friend and she needed her best friend, and he did. And and they talked all night, and they went out to Hollywood, which was a disaster, but it was good at first. With the boat, and uh and putting the books away. I've seen this movie a lot, so if you don't remember the putting the books away scene, don't feel stupid or anything. I was just sitting here thinking about it, because I, um, I'm in my house, and I was just, uh... Could... please come over. I- Please. I really need to see you and talk to you, and please come over. Please. Come- [hangs up] Oh, my God.

Quote from Sookie

Sookie: I heard about this couple on one of those morning show, similar to you guys - all lovey-dovey, perfect for each other, you know, headed for marriage - and something happened, and they broke up in their senior year of college, even though they were madly in love with each other. Oh, they moved to different parts of the country. They married different people.
Lorelai: They married different people?
Sookie: Oh, had kids, grandkids. Then their spouses died, oh, and they were available again, and they talked and they hooked up, and now they're together and they're happily in love after forty years apart. [giggles]
Lorelai: That's a horrible story!
Sookie: No, it's not.
Lorelai: What morning show was that on? I hate that story.
Sookie: But they ended up together.
Lorelai: Was it Katie Couric? She seems very dark to me.

Quote from Paris

Paris: Don't forget the raisin bran. It's good for you. Keeps you moving.
Rory: Whatever that means. Ew, I just got what that means.
Paris: Cognitive skills are slow today. Grab some Corn Flakes. Nietzsche and Lichtenstein went ape guano over Corn Flakes.
Rory: So they make you smart, German and depressed. Why do they have so much Wheat Chex? It doesn't go with anything.
Paris: Wheat Chex are sort of the pumpernickel bread of the cereal world.
Rory: Well put. So what combo are you thinking today?
Paris: Cap'n Crunch over a foundation of Rice Krispies, with a perimeter of Shredded Wheat.
Rory: Bold.
Paris: I like its prospects.
Rory: I love cereal.
Paris: It rocks.

Quote from Babette

Lorelai: Hey, um, did you guys pass Luke, or see his truck any time tonight?
Morey: Uh-oh.
Babette: You're not with Luke?
Lorelai: Not at the moment.
Babette: Uh-oh.
Lorelai: What?
Babette: Didn't you go to your parents' wedding thing tonight?
Lorelai: Yes.
Morey: Uh-oh.
Lorelai: What?
Babette: You didn't come back together?
Lorelai: Well, of course we did. We're just not together at the moment.
Babette & Morey: Uh-oh.
Lorelai: Would you guys stop doing that?

Quote from Kirk

Kirk: Nothing's up with you two, is there? I mean, you seem just fine.
Lorelai: No, nothing. Nothing's wrong at all. Kirk, we have not broken up.
Kirk: Well, why are you guys dressed up but not together? Luke's in a suit, which seems awfully formal for a movie theater that recycles its popcorn.

Quote from Lane

Rory: Did you get everything?
Lane: Everything on the list. Plus, I threw in a few things of my own. Some Toll House cookie dough. Cooked or uncooked, the ultimate comfort food.
Rory: Nice.
Lane: Chocolate covered matzah.
Rory: Nice and ethnic.
Lane: And a new toothbrush.
Rory: Why a new toothbrush?
Lane: Dentists say you're supposed to change your toothbrush every three months, and I'm assuming your mother's not doing that.
Rory: Well, I'm not sure how that's going to help her depression but you are a good friend.

Quote from Lorelai

Rory: Are we okay? I mean, that wasn't exactly my proudest moment.
Lorelai: Aw, honey. You're the daughter of a woman who has had no end of less than proud moments. Don't worry.
Rory: Luke was so mad.
Lorelai: That's because to Luke you're still ten years old wearing feathered angel's wings going door-to-door inviting people to a caterpillar's funeral.
Rory: Oh, now, I did that once.

Quote from Babette

Babette: Lorelai, hey.
Lorelai: Hi, Babette. Hey, Morey.
Morey: Hey, Lorelai.
Babette: Look at you all dolled up and walking the street. I'm not calling you a hooker or nothing.
Lorelai: Well, thank you.

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