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Say Goodnight, Gracie

‘Say Goodnight, Gracie’

Season 3, Episode 20 -  Aired May 6, 2003

Lorelai and Sookie are sad when bakery owner Fran dies, but they can't hide their excitement at the prospect of buying her inn. Meanwhile, Dean has a surprising announcement, while Lane awaits the punishment for her drunken call to her mother.

Quote from Lorelai

Lorelai: Okay, here's the problem. Every single one of my skirts is either too long or too short for this season's acceptable lengths. Which means I either have to alter or shop.
Rory: To be or not to be.
Lorelai: Just wait 'til you hear what InStyle thinks of you, young lady.


Quote from Rory

Lorelai: What time are you getting home tonight?
Rory: We have to go over the special graduation edition of the Franklin, and of course we're completely behind, partly because Paris can't let anything go to print unless she's proofed it a million times. Can you say crazy anal micromanager?
Lorelai: Not five times fast.

Quote from Paris

Paris: Sorry, sorry, sorry. The issue is a disaster. It's our last issue of the Franklin and it's a complete disaster.
Rory: I'm sure it's not that bad.
Paris: And that's why you won't need to Botox your frown lines on your nineteenth birthday.

Quote from Lorelai

Lorelai: And whether or not we get the Dragonfly Inn has nothing to do with her dying right now.
Sookie: Right... sort of.
Lorelai: Besides, we don't know what's happening with the inn. Fran has no heirs. You never know. Some long lost gold-toothed cousin could come out of the woodwork, inherit it and turn it into a beauty salon or law offices.
Sookie: Not our Dragonfly!
Lorelai: The point is, if we are meant to have the Dragonfly Inn, then we are meant to have it.
Sookie: Right. Like Doris Day.
Lorelai: Que sera.
Sookie: Sera.

Quote from Lorelai

Lorelai: Let's focus on Fran and how much we loved her. Not think about the inn at all.
Sookie: Okay.
Lorelai: You're thinking about it.
Sookie: Just about where to put the woodburning oven.
Lorelai: We'll put it in the apartment that we're sharing in hell.
Sookie: Let's buy flowers.
Lorelai: Yeah, lots and lots of flowers.

Quote from Luke

Jimmy: There's no evil plan here. I have a job, a life. I just thought I'd come and...
Luke: What? Say hello, see if he looks like you? Then what?
Jimmy: Well...
Luke: What?
Jimmy: I don't know!
Luke: Okay, well, while you're figuring it out, let me plant this little thought in your head you do or say anything to upset Jess and make it harder for me to keep him on the right path, I'm gonna put your head through a wall. Any wall, you can pick the wall, but it's gonna be a wall, okay?
Jimmy: I just wanted to see him.
Luke: Well, you saw him. Now get outta here.

Quote from Lorelai

Lorelai: And oh my God, she loved you. I didn't think she was gonna let me leave the bakery with you. She just kept giving you cookies in a shameless attempt to buy your affections away from me. And let me tell you, for a couple weeks, it worked. For two weeks, you just kept staring at me like, "You're the lady who took me away from the cookies. I'm gonna kill you."

Quote from Lorelai

Marjorie: Of course, Fran's family has been here long before even Fran. They opened the Dragonfly Inn back in 1893. The Dragonfly Inn was once regarded as the Violet Lady, the premiere inn in all of ... [audio static]
Lorelai: What'd she say?
Sookie: I heard "premiere inn" then squat.
Lorelai: Is she still talking about the inn?
Sookie: I don't know.
Kirk: Ssh.
Marjorie: Inn ... ortant role... ing... it's special... all who...
Lorelai: She said "inn."
Sookie: And "ortant" and "ing."
Marjorie: ...set... World War...
Sookie: She said World War.
Lorelai: One or two? Where are we, where are we?

Quote from Dean

Dean: I mean, it's weird, but Lindsay's amazing and I asked and she said yes, so... I'm getting married. Say something.
Rory: Why?
Dean: What?
Rory: No, I don't mean why, I mean, why now?
Dean: Why not now?
Rory: Well, you're eighteen, first of all.
Dean: So?
Rory: So, you're young. I mean, you haven't even gone to college yet. Oh my God, you are still going to college, aren't you?
Dean: Yes, Rory, I'm still going to college.
Rory: Well, how...
Dean: Lindsay's gonna go with me.
Rory: But Dean, you're going to be studying and taking classes, you need to focus on that. I mean, you don't even know what you wanna do yet. And you guys haven't even been going out for that long. I mean, why don't you just date for awhile? Dating's fun.
Dean: Thank you.
Rory: For what?
Dean: For your deep heartfelt congratulations.

Quote from Dean

Dean: It's good news, you can't just be happy for me?
Rory: I can. I am. I just...
Dean: You know what, I'm sorry if you have a crappy relationship with Jess.
Rory: Hey, that has...
Dean: And I'm sorry if he treats you like dirt and everyone hates him, but that was your choice. I have a great girlfriend and I am really happy, and when you dumped me for that jackass, I thought I'd never be happy again.
Rory: Jess does not treat me like dirt.
Dean: Whatever. I just wanted you to hear it from me before it got out. Now you know, so... have a nice life.
Rory: Jess does not treat me like dirt!

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