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Sadie, Sadie

‘Sadie, Sadie’

Season 2, Episode 1 -  Aired October 9, 2001

Before Lorelai even says yes to Max's proposal, Rory and Sookie are keen to start planning a wedding. Meanwhile, Richard interrogates Dean when he joins Rory for Friday dinner.

Quote from Lane

Rory: What's wrong? Did she find your CD burner?
Lane: My parents are sending me to Korea for the summer to visit my cousins.
Rory: So?
Lane: They're sending to Korea and they won't tell me when I'm coming back.
Rory: What do you mean they won't tell you?
Lane: I mean, they bought me a one-way ticket. One-way. The plane goes there and stops.
Rory: Are you sure?
Lane: I called the airline to confirm it and my parents were in their room whispering all morning. When my mother came out, she looked very happy. She was humming. I swear, they're planning on sending me to Korea for the rest of my life.
Rory: Lane, come on.
Lane: It's going to be just like that Sally Field movie when her husband took them to Iran and wouldn't let them come back. Except, I won't have to keep my head covered.


Quote from Luke

Lorelai: Hey.
Luke: Fresh coffee will be ready in a minute unless you want to just roll up a dollar bill and go nuts.
Lorelai: No, thanks, I can wait.
Luke: What the helI's going on with them?
Lorelai: Oh, I don't know.
Luke: Crazy people. The whole town should be medicated and put in a rec room with Ping-Pong tables and hand puppets.

Quote from Michel

Lorelai: Hey, what's with the turkey?
Sookie: Oh, Michel thinks he's going to live forever.
Lorelai: Like on Fame?
Sookie: That's what I said.
Michel: A hundred years from now, I will sit around telling my fellow men of science about the two of you, and we will giggle like little girls at your ignorance. Now I have work to do.
Lorelai: He did say 'giggle like little girls,' right?
Sookie: Forget him.

Quote from Emily

Lorelai: Well, pens are very nice, but I just bet there is a fabulous, fancy dessert just sitting out there in that kitchen.
Emily: As a matter of fact, there is. Twinkies.
Lorelai: What?
Emily: Rory told me that was her favorite dessert.
Lorelai: Emily Gilmore, you are one classy broad.
Emily: Antonia, please bring out the Twinkies.
Lorelai: I can't believe I just heard you say those words.
Emily: Well, don't get used to it.

Quote from Lorelai

Lorelai: Yes, it was bad. My father was in fine form tonight. But-
Rory: But? There's a "but" from you? There's a but?
Lorelai: Twinkie? I don't think my father has ever loved anything in this world as much as he loves you. Now, that having been established, let's just consider that maybe this flip-out tonight actually came from somewhere that possibly has nothing to do with Dean and possibly has nothing to do with you.
Rory: What are you talking about?
Lorelai: You are the great white hope of the Gilmore clan. You are their angel sent from up above. You are the daughter they didn't have.
Rory: Mom.
Lorelai: No, it's not a feel-sorry-for-me thing. It's just the truth. I mean, you're going to go to college. Hell, you're going to graduate from high school. They're going to get to watch you walk down the aisle wearing your cap and gown and get your diploma and go to Harvard and be a Phi Beta bimbo and graduate with honors and just set the world on fire. I mean, that is the plan. Looks like it's going to happen.
Rory: It is going to happen. Except for that "Phi Beta bimbo" part.
Lorelai: But then tonight, you walk in with this beautiful boy who likes you enough to brave going to your grandparents' house for dinner and Dad looks at you and sees you with him and all of a sudden, has a terrible Lorelai flashback. He sees it all going away, the college, the cap and gown.

Quote from Lorelai

Rory: Ooh, you should walk down the aisle to Frank Sinatra with a huge bouquet of something that smells really good.
Lorelai: Pot roast.
Rory: And you should wear a long veil with your hair up.
Lorelai: oh, I'll take any other subject in the world for $200, Alex.
Rory: Why don't you wanna think about this?
Lorelai: Because I haven't made my mind up about the 'yes' or 'no' part so I don't want to start fantasizing about dresses and flowers or doves and tulle until I do. So please change the subject.
Rory: I think the bridesmaids should pick their own dresses.
Lorelai: You know how in All in the Family Edith would be yapping about something and Archie would pretend to hang a noose or shoot himself in the head?
Rory: Yeah?
Lorelai: I don't know. Something about this moment made me think of that.

Quote from Lorelai

Lorelai: This is crazy. Why is everybody making such a big deal about this?
Rory: Because everyone knows that Luke has a thing for you.
Lorelai: Luke does not have a thing for me.
Rory: Tell him.
Lorelai: We can barely have a conversation without biting each other's heads off.
Rory: Tell him.
Lorelai: Everything about me repulses... him my coffee-drinking, my eating habits. Remember when I called him Ranger Bob last week? He hated that.
Rory: Will you get me a muffin when you're there?
Lorelai: Okay. God. Fine.

Quote from Luke

Lorelai: Well, I I have something to tell you. I have something to share with you, actually.
Luke: Share with me?
Lorelai: Yes. When exciting things happen in your life you wanna share them with people who you think will find them exciting, which I think you will.
Luke: What is it?
Lorelai: Well, it's very...
Luke: Exciting, I heard. I'm prepared to jump up and down if necessary.
Lorelai: Okay, then, here it is. Um... Max has asked me to marry him.
Luke: Yeah, I figured.
Lorelai: You did?
Luke: Well, it was obvious. You two were getting kind of close, he was around a lot. Then last night with that life-changing-thing comment I put two and two together and figured it out.
Lorelai: Oh.
Luke: Congratulations, by the way.

Quote from Lorelai

Luke: Well, you're going to say yes.
Lorelai: How do you know?
Luke: You're making a big deal about telling me he proposed.
Lorelai: I don't think I'm making a big deal.
Luke: You wouldn't do that if you weren't going to say yes.
Lorelai: Okay, I'm sharing something with you. Sharing is not making a big deal. Sharing is a nice gesture like when you're a kid and you have a Popsicle and you break it in two and offer half to another kid. That's sharing. That is what I'm doing.
Luke: You offered me half a Popsicle?
Lorelai: Yes.

Quote from Luke

Luke: But who knows how long you'll work after you're married.
Lorelai: Excuse me?
Luke: Oh, but you probably already talked about that?
Lorelai: No, but I think he and my father have come to an agreement on how many goats I'm worth.
Luke: I'm just talking here. It's great, really.

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