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Richard in Stars Hollow

‘Richard in Stars Hollow’

Season 2, Episode 12 -  Aired January 29, 2002

After Emily begs Lorelai to take Richard off her hands now that he has retired and is about the house all the time, Richard spends a day in Stars Hollow with his daughter.

Quote from Lorelai

Richard: Lorelai, you cannot order all that food. You're teaching your daughter wastefulness and gluttony.
Lorelai: Um, Dad, we do this all the time. We order way too much and eat, like, a third of it and then live off the leftovers for more than a week. It's a finely honed system.


Quote from Lorelai

Lorelai: Dean, that's amazing.
Rory: Let's drive. Can we drive? Does it drive?
Dean: Does it drive?
Rory: Well, I know it drives, but oh my God, I can't believe you finished it. You built me a car.
Lorelai: Dean, now that you're done with that, will you build me a plane? One that looks like Shamu?

Quote from Dean

Richard: So, you... you like my granddaughter quite a bit.
Dean: No, I love your granddaughter quite a bit.
Richard: See, Dean, I was beginning to feel a little better about this until you said that.
Dean: Well, I'm not trying to make you feel better. I'm trying to be honest.
Richard: Yes, you are. That's an admirable quality.
Dean: Thank you.

Quote from Dean

Richard: I suppose the car is safe.
Dean: It is.
Richard: I'm still not sure it's an appropriate gift.
Dean: I understand that.
Richard: How tall are you?
Dean: Why? You want to dance?
Richard: No, thank you. I appreciate the offer, though.

Quote from Jess

Rory: What did you do?
Jess: Nothing much. Just wanted to make sure whoever rented Dumbo or Bambi gets a little surprise.
Rory: What kind of a surprise? What did you do?
Jess: You owe me an egg roll.

Quote from Richard

Emily: Did you eat? I can have Heloise whip up something for you.
Richard: No, thanks. We had Chinese food.
Emily: Oh, you love Chinese food.
Richard: I do.
Emily: Well, I'm thrilled you had such a wonderful time. It was good for you to get out like that.
Richard: Yes, it was. In fact, I'm still a little energized from the day so I think I'm finally going to organize all those stamps that I've been talking about for ages.
Emily: Now?
Richard: Why not?
Emily: Well, I think that would be wonderful. Have fun.

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