Kirk Quote #171

Quote from Kirk in Pulp Friction

Kirk: Ribbons here! Return your ribbons here! That's right, folks! Thank you, sir. In the box, ma'am. Ribbons here, return your ribbons here!
Luke: Kirk, stop that.
Kirk: Can't stop yet, Luke. Haven't got them all yet.
Luke: I mean it, put the box away.
Kirk: Luke, you and Lorelai have reconciled.
Luke: I know, Kirk. I was there.
Kirk: And since you two have reconciled, it's only appropriate that the citizens of Stars Hollow take off their pins and start to heal. In my case, literally. I caught about an inch of chest-flesh with this sharp little sucker.


 ‘Pulp Friction’ Quotes

Quote from Lorelai

Luke: There's nothing in here but ice cream, candy bars, cookie dough, canned frosting. Why are you not four hundred and fifty pounds?
Lorelai: I know. Scientists call it the Lorelai Paradox.

Quote from Luke

Lorelai: Wow, did you see that?
Luke: You know, if someone opened a store in this town selling giant butterfly nets, they'd make a fortune.
Lorelai: Come on, the crazy need love too.

Quote from Lorelai

Lorelai: Okay, floor looks good, table looks good. Hey, what happened to our books?
Sookie: What do you mean?
Lorelai: All our beautiful, leather-bound books. Jonathon Swift, Edith Wharton, Charles Dickens. A lot of them are gone.
Sookie: The guests must have swiped 'em.
Lorelai: They swiped Jonathon Swift and left me with Clifford, the Big Red Dog and five copies of He's Just Not That Into You.
Sookie: We've been airplane booked.