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Quote from Richard in Written in the Stars

Richard: So, young lady, you're starting your second year of Yale this week.
Rory: Yeah, I move into Branford on Monday.
Richard: You're going to love Branford College. That where I lived, you know.
Rory: I know.
Richard: It is the oldest of Yale's residential colleges They have these Carillon bells that are enchanting, and it has, what was called by Robert Frost, the most beautiful college courtyard in America.
Rory: Well, I'll tell you what, Grandpa I'll get settled in, and then we can have lunch there.
Richard: Ah, that's a deal.
Robert: You wanted me to remind you that you were going to bring out the Hungarian cheese, sir.
Richard: Yes, I did. I'll be right back.


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Quote from Lorelai

Rory: This is crazy.
Lorelai: Well, it depends on your definition of "crazy." I, for one, found the Mariah Carey phone messages to her fans just refreshingly imaginative.

Quote from Lorelai

Rory: Crazy.
Lorelai: You said it, Patsy Cline.

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Quote from You've Been Gilmored

Richard: Better not wait. Small gaps in your insurance coverage can lead to big mistakes. Oh, I could tell you horror stories.
Emily: Brian Hunter.
Richard: Yes. He owned a home for 40 years - huge mansion - never updated his coverage. One night, his trophy bimbo wife got into a drunken snit, lit a curtain on fire with her marijuana cigarette, and burned the place to the ground. He couldn't afford to rebuild. Lost his fortune, lost the bimbo.
Emily: Now he sells sunglasses out of the back of a van in California. Cheap ones.
Richard: Because he didn't update his coverage.

Quote from The Great Stink

Richard: Well, naturally I thought they were referring to the archduke. So I jumped in, as who wouldn't? With some thoughts about the various conspiracy theories surrounding his infamous assassination in Sarajevo. Imagine my surprise when I learned that Franz Ferdinand was the name of a very popular rock-'n'-roll band.
Emily: [laughs] That's what he gets for trying to fraternize after class with his students.
Richard: One of them even offered to burn a CD for me.