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Quote from Emily in Die, Jerk

Lorelai: Yeah, the stores you normally have to go to, they're on the internet now.
Emily: But going to a nice store is half the fun of shopping. I like being greeted at the door and the bustle of people and the shoes and clothes all lined up nice and pretty.
Lorelai: That's true.
Rory: Yeah, we like that, too.
Emily: Having someone help you pick out the right thing or help you exchange it if it's not right. With the internet, what do you do? Mail it back?
Lorelai: We usually just forget.
Rory: Yeah.
Emily: So you're just out the money?
Rory: Pretty much.
Emily: I don't get it.


 ‘Die, Jerk’ Quotes

Quote from Lorelai

Lorelai: Now, what about taxes?
Luke: What about them?
Lorelai: Well, you file single, jointly? I mean, what do you do?
Luke: That's not for months.
Lorelai: You can't put it off.
Luke: I'm not doing my taxes right now.
Lorelai: Capone?
Luke: What?
Lorelai: They got him for tax evasion.
Luke: I don't plan on evading my taxes.

Quote from Lorelai

Lorelai: So, is she moving in with you?
Luke: No.
Luke: What, no?
Lorelai: You're husband and wife. It's not a crazy question.
Luke: No, we're man and woman. We're just seeing each other as if we're not husband and wife.
Lorelai: Oh, well, the state of Connecticut sees it differently, you know. To the state, you're sharing a toothbrush holder and deciding together whether there's enough in the dishwasher to justify running it.
Luke: Hopefully, the state will stay out of my way.

Quote from Paris

Paris: Hey, hug a dolphin another day, all right? We need to rev up the gunships and retaliate before the next strike. We gotta go full-out Sharon.