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Quote from Richard in Eight O'Clock at the Oasis

Richard: Pork is bred leaner these days. It has a different taste. Less fat equals less flavor. Yet another example of the great advances man has made, flavorless pork. Hurrah for the opposable thumbs.
Lorelai: All right, enough talk about pork. Please, someone change the subject.


 ‘Eight O'Clock at the Oasis’ Quotes

Quote from Lorelai

Lorelai: [laughs] And then the rabbit says, "How about that schnitzel!" Well?
Rory: Well what? There's no punchline.
Lorelai: That is the punchline.
Rory: "How about that schnitzel!" That's the punchline?
Lorelai: Well, no, not when you say it like that.
Rory: How am I supposed to say it?
Lorelai: Like a punchline.
Rory: How about that schnitzel!
Lorelai: Oh, forget it.

Quote from Michel

Lorelai: Aw, wow, that was a good table.
Michel: It was a good table, not a great table.
Lorelai: We should've gone for it.
Michel: Too expensive and too many scratches.
Lorelai: We could've buffed the scratches out.
Michel: Look, if you want it that bad, it's quite obvious that the buyer's children will be selling it at his probate in the very near future.
Lorelai: You're awful.
Michel: And he's old, now be quiet.

Quote from Michel

Michel: I'm sorry, did I hear you mention something about an auction?
Lorelai: My mother's women's group is having one next week.
Michel: Oh, well, you know. I love a good auction. The drama, the strategy.
Lorelai: The strategy?
Michel: Oh, yes. First, you mustn't be too eager because that drives the price way up.
Lorelai: Don't be too eager, got it.
Michel: And you must always be extremely careful of your paddle movements.
Lorelai: Well, that certainly calls for a "Dirty!"
Michel: How's your arm raise? Good?
Lorelai: Pretty good.
Michel: Ah, I have an excellent arm raise.
Lorelai: That's what it says on the bathroom wall.

 Richard Gilmore Quotes

Quote from You've Been Gilmored

Richard: You sure he's legit?
Lorelai: Of course it's legit. Come on, Dad.
Richard: Don't be naive. There are schemers about preying on the naive.
Emily: John Kendall.
Richard: John was drinking at a party, met a fellow, switched all of his coverage to the guy, wrote him a huge check on the spot. Then he suffered earthquake damage, and there was no record of the insurance transaction. It was a scam. Now he's working at the gift shop at the Grand Ol' Opry.
Emily: Horrid music.
Richard: Sells cowboy shirts and toy banjos.

Quote from You've Been Gilmored

Richard: Better not wait. Small gaps in your insurance coverage can lead to big mistakes. Oh, I could tell you horror stories.
Emily: Brian Hunter.
Richard: Yes. He owned a home for 40 years - huge mansion - never updated his coverage. One night, his trophy bimbo wife got into a drunken snit, lit a curtain on fire with her marijuana cigarette, and burned the place to the ground. He couldn't afford to rebuild. Lost his fortune, lost the bimbo.
Emily: Now he sells sunglasses out of the back of a van in California. Cheap ones.
Richard: Because he didn't update his coverage.

Quote from The Great Stink

Richard: Well, naturally I thought they were referring to the archduke. So I jumped in, as who wouldn't? With some thoughts about the various conspiracy theories surrounding his infamous assassination in Sarajevo. Imagine my surprise when I learned that Franz Ferdinand was the name of a very popular rock-'n'-roll band.
Emily: [laughs] That's what he gets for trying to fraternize after class with his students.
Richard: One of them even offered to burn a CD for me.