Lorelai Quote #675

Quote from Lorelai in The Bracebridge Dinner

Lorelai: They're here.
Rory: Who?
Lorelai: The Joyless Luck Club.


 ‘The Bracebridge Dinner’ Quotes

Quote from Richard

Richard: So there we are, it's a beautiful moonlit Prague night and we're strolling across the Charles Bridge when we come across this group of kids blasting this song by that awful woman. Who is she? The tall, bony one married to the deceased mustachioed Congressman.
Rory: Cher?
Emily: That's the one.
Lorelai: The year of "Do you believe in life after love?"
Rory: A difficult time for all of us.
Michel: I like that song.
Richard: Oh, I was appalled. Prague has played host to some of the greatest composers in history. Mozart named a symphony after it, for heaven's sake. So what did I do?
Emily: I've tried so hard to forget this.
Richard: I stood beside them and their boom box and I hummed Mozart's Prague Symphony as loud as I could. [humming]
Lorelai: Oh, the bizarro Battle of the Bands.
Taylor Doose: And did it work?
Richard: Well, they quickly packed up and went their way.
Emily: But then he kept on humming the Mozart. He wouldn't stop.
Richard: Well, at that point, I was hoping for some gullible tourists to drop money at my feet.
Emily: Two of them did.
Richard: And I kept it!

Quote from Paris

Lorelai: Paris, how's it going?
Paris: Fine. Good. Thanks for having me.
Lorelai: Oh, it was our pleasure.
Paris: Did you notice the anachronisms?
Lorelai: The what?
Paris: The period discrepancies. They were pretty blatant. I mean, forget that the 19th century didn't include recessed lighting or the Fossil watch your server was wearing, but water in that period would not have been served with cubed ice.
Lorelai: Right.
Paris: And your servers are wearing nylon blend shirts, and Nylon was invented by a scientist at DuPont in the 1920s. It shattered the illusion.
Lorelai: Oh. Floggings will be administered.

Quote from Richard

Richard: I want to talk to you. Please. Well, I don't need to remind you about how I've been feeling at work. My frustration just built to the point where... Again, you know this. So I arranged to meet the CEO yesterday just to talk about the situation and about the rumors I had heard floating around. So I met with Floyd. We shook hands, had coffee and then I started telling him about how unhappy I'd become. I detailed all my years with the company, all the travel I'd done, all the weekends I'd put in, the sacrifices I had made, including time with my family, for the firm. And the more I talked, the angrier I became. And then, suddenly, I heard myself resign. Just like that. Floyd was stunned. I'd never seen Floyd stunned. I enjoyed seeing Floyd stunned. So I finished my coffee and I walked out of that office and I couldn't believe what I had just done. I'd resigned, quit. I believe I even used a little profanity in the process. But do you know what, Emily? I was thrilled, elated. A giant weight had been lifted off my chest. I noticed Floyd's secretary staring at me and I realized it was because I was smiling. Well, nobody had seen me smile there in a very long time. I was... I was happy.
Emily: And you chose not to tell me, your own wife?
Richard: I know I've done nothing but disappoint you these past few months what with how isolated I've become and all the social engagements I've made you cancel and all the friendships I've jeopardized. And you like order. You like lists. You like to know where you're going or what's coming. You like all things planned. And then suddenly I impulsively unplan our entire future in one fell swoop. Well, I couldn't face disappointing you again. I couldn't face telling you that I had spoiled the plan. Not now, not at this time of year. I didn't want to fight. I didn't want to worry. I just wanted to keep being happy. I'm very, very sorry. Anyhow, I've been sitting here going over our financial situation. Now, we still have all our retirement accounts and our medical coverage is all there. By quitting, though, we do forego some of my pension and some stock options. Not a terribly significant amount, but an amount all the same.
Emily: Richard, let's just go to bed.