Sookie Quote #68

Quote from Sookie in The Ins and Outs of Inns

Lorelai: It shouldn't be too flashy.
Sookie: How about something historical, like "The Paul Revere"?
Lorelai: Oh, that could work.
Michel: What could work?
Lorelai: We're thinking up names for the inn.
Sookie: If you want simple, something like "The Country Rose".
Lorelai: That's pretty good.
Sookie: We could line the front path with multicolored roses.
Lorelai: Or, or "The Inn by the Hollow". Kind of long.
Sookie: But nice.


 ‘The Ins and Outs of Inns’ Quotes

Quote from Sookie

Lorelai: Oh, my God.
Sookie: What?
Lorelai: It's the title search for the Rachel property. And guess who owns it?
Sookie: Tell me it's not that bastard Donald Trump.

Quote from Lorelai

Luke: It just means you're a single business entity. You'll both be officers and shareholders and you'll get to make up a name for your company.
Lorelai: Oh, I'm terrible at coming up with names. When we first bought our house, Rory and I wanted to name it. You know, like Jefferson named his place Monticello but we could only come up with "The Crap Shack".
Luke: Nice.

Quote from Emily

Lorelai: New cook?
Emily: Yes, Marisella. She's introduced us to some wonderful dishes so charmingly specific to her native country.
Lorelai: What country is she from?
Emily: One of those little ones next to Mexico.
Lorelai: How charmingly specific.