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Quote from Emily in Driving Miss Gilmore

Emily: They're all gone.
Lorelai: Gone where?
Emily: To hell, I hope. One person more incompetent than the rest.
Lorelai: But all of them? The nurse?
Emily: They'll do a 60 Minutes on that woman one day. Mark my words.
Lorelai: Uh, housekeepers?
Emily: Ate everything that wasn't nailed down.
Lorelai: The errand boys?
Emily: Their pants hung down below their underwear, and no one was worse than the driver he got me. Have you ever met the cab drivers in Prague?
Lorelai: Uh, no.
Emily: Well, they would hide their wallets from this man. Plus, I think he had a gun in his pocket.
Lorelai: Maybe he was just happy to see you.


 ‘Driving Miss Gilmore’ Quotes

Quote from Emily

Lorelai: This is my car.
Emily: We can't go in this. We have to take the other car.
Lorelai: What other car? No, Mom, that's not a car. That's a rap-video set.
Emily: I ordered it specially. It has the darkest windows available. They say it's the car Jay-Z uses when he's in town. I assume that's an entertainer of some sort. The windows are bulletproof. They kept saying that as if it's a selling point. I told them I was not paying extra for bulletproof windows. I haven't been strafed in years.

Quote from Emily

Emily: Whatever it is, I want her name big and prominent.
Rory: My name?
Richard: The Rory Gilmore political science building.
Emily: The Rory Gilmore anthropology building.
Rory: Uh, guys?
Richard: The Rory Gilmore cultural center.
Emily: The Rory Gilmore auditorium.

Quote from Emily

Rory: While I think it's very generous of both of you to want to do this for me-
Emily: The Rory Gilmore observatory.
Rory: I still go to Yale, so having something with my name on it might be kind of-
Richard: The Rory Gilmore center for international affairs.
Emily: Oh, wait, the Rory Gilmore library.
Richard: And art gallery.
Emily: And ancient-history museum.
Lorelai: Forget it, kid, Grandma and Grandpa have gone bye-bye.
Richard: The Rory Gilmore medical research laboratory.
Emily: No that sounds like monkey testing. People will picket!