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Quote from Lorelai in Just Like Gwen and Gavin

Lorelai: I've gotten so much done this morning, it's scary.
Luke: Coffee?
Lorelai: I already got some. I saw the sunrise. I paid all my bills. [Luke pours coffee] I already got some, hon. And this is a first: I saw the beginning of Katie Couric. I don't think I've seen the first five minutes of her in my life. You know, she and Matt Lauer are much more serious in the first half-hour than they are later on. I guess that makes sense. You know, you can afford to make people sad and angry about war and the economy and stuff when they first wake up. But then, just as they're heading to the office, you leave them with a dose of Matthew McConaughey, People's sexiest man, and they're rarin' to go.
Luke: [yawns] Yeah, Matthew McConaughey always gets me rarin'.


 ‘Just Like Gwen and Gavin’ Quotes

Quote from Rory

Rory: I'm sure he panicked. I'm sure his not telling you says nothing about your relationship. Maybe this is a cheesy perspective to offer you, but Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale went through the same sort of situation. He found out he had a kid that he didn't know about, but they made it work as far as I know.
Lorelai: Meaning?
Rory: If they can, you can.
Lorelai: Really?
Rory: They're people. You're people. I mean, you don't sing and neither does Luke. But really, neither do Gwen or Gavin, but they're still together I think. I haven't read anything to the contrary.
Lorelai: I guess.
Rory: You and Luke just need to talk some more.
Lorelai: Yeah. Maybe I'll tell Luke about Gwen and Gavin. I mean, if there's any people whose lives Luke would relate to, it's Gwen and Gavin.

Quote from Kirk

Lorelai: Kirk, I promise this booth will be a big hit. It will not embarrass you, okay? I promise.
Kirk: Your promise means nothing to me. You break them all the time.
Lorelai: [gasps] I do not.
Kirk: 1997, you promised to bring me back a souvenir pen and ink set from your trip to colonial Williamsburg.
Lorelai: I did?
Kirk: 1999, you promised to put in a good word for me at Al's Pancake World when Al had that batter boy opening.
Lorelai: He calls them "batter boys"?
Kirk: Year 2000, you promised to teach me to swim. I still don't know how to swim. What if there's a tsunami?
Lorelai: Well...
Kirk: 2001, you promised to come to my birthday party, and I waited and waited...

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Quote from Afterboom

Rory: Ready?
Lorelai: Okay. Wait. Just wait. We can still leave.
Rory: No.
Lorelai: Rory, right now is the point in the horror movie where the entire audience is yelling, "Don't go in there."

Quote from Let the Games Begin

Emily: What on earth does Frank Lloyd Wright have to do with my salad?
Richard: And your walnuts.
Lorelai: Mrs. Wright apparently had this major problem with her help. She was very rough on them and they totally hated her. So this guy who had worked for her forever, he had finally had enough. I believe the incident was over walnuts, wasn't it, honey?
Rory: The exact cause has not been proven.
Lorelai: Anyhow, Mrs. Wright invites this whole posse of people over for dinner and they're all sitting around eating, and Mr. Disgruntled Servant Guy goes outside and locks all the doors and windows and douses the whole house in gasoline and sets the place on fire.
Emily: My goodness.
Lorelai: So the house is on fire, and people are freaking out, so they run to the doors but the doors are locked, so a few of them try to get out through the windows, but Mr. Angry-Puss is standing outside with an ax hacking them to death and so they all died.
Emily: Why on earth would you tell me that story?
Lorelai: All I'm saying is, sometimes eating a walnut is preferable to getting hacked to death or set on fire during dinner.
Emily: One of these days I'm going to make you eat in your room.