Lorelai Quote #296

Quote from Lorelai in That Damn Donna Reed

Luke: So you're sure we need this many cans?
Lorelai: Yeah, you need enough for two coats, touch-ups and little spots. No, I'm not sure.
Luke: Well, we got the paint, and the brushes, and the tarps, and all the other stuff the paint guy said we'd need. So I guess we're ready.
Lorelai: Yes, we are.
Luke: The only thing left to do is figure out when.
Lorelai: How about Friday?
Luke: Friday?
Lorelai: Yeah, I mean, you don't want this stuff lying around. I don't know if paint goes bad. But judging by the smell when it's fresh, rotten paint would be gross.


 ‘That Damn Donna Reed’ Quotes

Quote from Lane

Lane: Okay, let's have a look. Okay, we have classic rock, progressive rock, pretty-boy rock...
Rory: Excuse me?
Lane: Bon Jovi, Duran Duran, The Wallflowers, Bush...
Rory: Got it. Next?
Lane: Uh, punk, new wave, German metal bands... Broadway soundtracks.
Rory: Interesting filing system.
Lane: Anything yet?
Rory: Nope, sorry.
Lane: Okay. Well, over there, we have jazz, jazz vocals, classical, country rockabilly, Sinatra: The Capitol Years. Oh, wait. The miscellaneous section.
Rory: Hey, that sounds right. William Shatner? Is this the one where he sings "Tambourine Man"?
Lane: And "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds".
Rory: Remind me to get this for my mom for her birthday.

Quote from Dean

Dean: What are we watching?
Lorelai: The incomparable Donna Reed Show.
Rory: What's in there?
Dean: A salad.
Rory: Salad?
Dean: Yeah, it's a quaint dish sometimes used to precede large quantities of pizza. [Lorelai and Rory give Dean a puzzled look] It's for me.
Rory: Clearly.

Quote from Lorelai

Lorelai: Kick-ass wine.
Emily: How poetic.
Lorelai: It's got a nice smell. Earthy, vibrant. You can taste the Italian's feet.
Richard: Well, it's a Bordeaux. It's French.
Lorelai: Hmm. What's an Italian's foot doing in a French wine?