Rory Quote #103

Quote from Rory in Paris Is Burning

Lorelai: He loaned me a book.
Rory: What book?
Lorelai: Swann's Way.
Rory: Aren't we ambitious?
Lorelai: Yes, we are.
Rory: You know what it means when a man loans you a book?
Lorelai: That he's already read it?
Rory: Yeah.


 ‘Paris Is Burning’ Quotes

Quote from Lorelai

Emily: I just wanna know what you were thinking. What was the reasoning? How on earth did you justify it to yourself?
Lorelai: Max is a great guy. An amazing guy. He's smart. He's sweet. He cooks.
Emily: So you decided to kiss him in your daughter's school.
Lorelai: No, I decided to break up with him in my daughter's school and the kissing part just happened.
Emily: You always let your emotions get in the way. That's the problem with you, Lorelai. You don't think.
Lorelai: Mom, please.
Emily: He's just a man, Lorelai.
Lorelai: No, he's not.
Emily: Oh, so, what are you telling me? This was all worth it because he was the love of your life? That this was the man for you?
Lorelai: I don't know. He might have been. Excuse me.

Quote from Lorelai

Lorelai: Wow. These are beautiful. Huh. I never read Proust. I always wanted to. Every now and then I'm seized with an overwhelming urge to say something like: "As Marcel Proust would say..." But I have no idea what he would say. So I don't even go there. I could do, "As Michael Crichton would say..." but it's not exactly the same.

Quote from Rory

Rory: "L"
Lorelai: Laryngitis. "M"
Rory: Mumps. "N"
Lorelai: Narcolepsy. "O"
Rory: Are we going to have to go through this every time we decide who has to clean the refrigerator?
Lorelai: You wanna go back to thumb wrestling?
Rory: Osteoporosis. "P"
Lorelai: Puppies!
Rory: That's not a disease. Oh, boy!