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Quote from Lorelai in Knit, People, Knit!

Richard: If we don't throw a party, who knows what people will think?
Lorelai: Why don't you give us an anniversary party? Like a 10th? Wouldn't that be nice, honey? I mean, what is 10... bronze, sandstone, particleboard?
Rory: Actually, it's tin.
Emily: But that's not for 10 years.
Lorelai: Giving you plenty of time to plan. Tin?
Rory: Things just stick in my brain.


 ‘Knit, People, Knit!’ Quotes

Quote from Emily

Emily: Lorelai, you ought to celebrate your marriage.
Lorelai: We did. We did celebrate. Right after we got married, we went out and had a beautiful meal, didn't we? We had a beautiful meal. Yeah, we had a chocolate mousse and a para liqueur and a cheese plate.
Emily: A cheese plate? Since when is a hunk of fermented milk a suitable means for celebrating a marriage?

Quote from Lorelai

Kirk: Free needles. Free for everyone. Free needles! Free needles!
Lorelai: See? Who says Stars Hollow's not progressive?

Quote from Emily

Emily: Why don't you invite some of your charming Stars Hollow friends?
Lorelai: That's okay, Mom.
Emily: We can make it black-tie optional, if that will help.
Lorelai: It's not because they don't have black ties.
Emily: Suit yourself.