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Knit, People, Knit!

‘Knit, People, Knit!’

Season 7, Episode 9 -  Aired November 28, 2006

As Stars Hollow hosts a "knitathon" to raise money for the bridge, Lorelai is reluctant to introduce Christopher to the townspeople.

Quote from Lorelai

Lorelai: [on the phone] So what are you gonna pledge me?
Rory: Um, in the knitathon?
Lorelai: Yeah, what do you say? Like 10 bucks a skein?
Rory: How about $5?
Lorelai: So, $15?
Rory: Make it $3.
Lorelai: $20 a skein?
Rory: A buck 50.
Lorelai: 25 smackeroos?
Rory: 75 cents.
Lorelai: We have no idea how to haggle, do we?
Rory: No idea. Why don't you just put me down for $30 even?
Lorelai: I will not take less than $30, and then you got a done deal.
Rory: The best I can do is $30.
Lorelai: All right, you give me $30, and it's a deal.

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