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Hammers and Veils

‘Hammers and Veils’

Season 2, Episode 2 -  Aired October 9, 2001

Lorelai tries to pluck up the courage to finally tell her parents she is engaged to Max. Meanwhile, Rory volunteers to build houses to beef up her extracurriculars for her college application.

Quote from Sookie

Lorelai: I just- I can't get over this. Hey, you didn't, by any chance, invite my parents, did you?
Sookie: Actually, I did.
Lorelai: Oh.
Sookie: And at first, I was really torn, because I know you have issues with them. But it is your wedding, and I assumed you wanted them to be there. Oh, no. Your mother told you.
Lorelai: Sort of.
Sookie: Damn, I thought I mentioned that it was a surprise. I don't know. Maybe I didn't. That would be so typical of me. Oh, the cat's already out of the bag. And I'm stuffing imported chocolate squares down my shirt so you don't see me walk into the kitchen with them. Hey, did your mother mention if they were coming? She never got back to me.
Lorelai: Oh, yeah, no, she's got a thing tonight.
Sookie: Oh, too bad. We can save her a piece of cake.
Lorelai: That would be nice.


Quote from Kirk

Kirk: [over bullhorn] Attention, guests, the buffet line is clogging in Sector B. I repeat, Sector B is moving too slow. Keep it moving, people.

Quote from Lane

Rory: Hey, Mr. DJ, put a record on.
Lane: How's it sound?
Rory: Great.
Lane: I'm trying to find a blend between not too cliche-sounding traditional tunes with outer-left-field, should-be standards.
Rory: Well, the Sinatra medley was great. I'd maybe skip playing anything else by The Damned.
Lane: Got it.

Quote from Rory

Rory: Have I told you how much I'm going to miss you?
Lane: Write me, constantly.
Rory: Every day.
Lane: Cards and letters, full of hope and "see you soon".
Rory: I'll be tying yellow ribbons around the old oak trees.

Quote from Rory

Rory: How come you're not up there, Kirk?
Kirk: Oh, I don't tap anymore. Bum knees.
Rory: Ah.
Kirk: I got to tell you, I'm a little worried about this gazebo holding up all those hoofers. They never did a trial run, like I requested.
Rory: I think it's okay. The studs are definitely sound and the two-by-fours are a nice Number 2 structural grade. Or better, possibly. I built a house yesterday.

Quote from Kirk

Kirk: [over bullhorn] Oh, for Pete's sake. No tossing of the Jordan almonds. I repeat, put the almonds down.

Quote from Kirk

Kirk: [over bullhorn] Only three treats per person. No hogging of the treats. If caught with more than three treats on a plate, you will be faced with possible expulsion from said party.
Lorelai: Hey, Kirk, could I see that for a sec?
Kirk: Sure.
Lorelai: Thanks. [walks away with bullhorn]

Quote from Lorelai

Luke: Well, I just got kind of busy here.
Lorelai: Oh, yes, I can see that. Boy, they keep making that ketchup slower and slower.
Luke: It's the Heinz family's little joke.
Lorelai: It's really pretty crazy out there.
Luke: I can imagine.
Lorelai: Lots of people all having fun. Just the kind of thing you'd hate.
Luke: Sounds awful.
Lorelai: You would be miserable.
Luke: Yes, I would.
Lorelai: In spite of all that, I was thinking, and you don't have to that maybe you could pull yourself away for a second.
Luke: Well, I...
Lorelai: I mean, finish the ketchup tonight, but maybe leave the Worcestershire sauce for tomorrow.

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