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Emily in Wonderland

‘Emily in Wonderland’

Season 1, Episode 19 -  Aired April 26, 2001

Rory gives her grandmother Emily a tour of Stars Hollow. Meanwhile, Lorelai gets to know Luke's girlfriend Rachel.

Quote from Sookie

Sookie: There's absolutely no kitchen space here! How are we supposed to open a bed and breakfast when there's no place to cook breakfast? Then it's just a bed. We'll have to charge half price.
Lorelai: We'll build a new kitchen, Sookie.
Sookie: I'll need plenty of ventilation and an area for an outdoor fireplace for barbecues. Plus storage. Where did these people put anything? A pantry and a canning room. I'd love to smoke our own meats.
Lorelai: Absolutely!
Sookie: I don't know if this is gonna work. I may have to do some floor plans. Where is that plumbing?

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