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Double Date

‘Double Date’

Season 1, Episode 12 -  Aired January 18, 2001

Lorelai and Rory both end up on double dates. When Sookie finally sets a date to see Jackson, she ropes Lorelai into accompanying Jackson's cousin. Meanwhile, Rory and Dean tag along when they set Lane up with his friend Todd.

Quote from Luke

Luke: Guess you'll only need three menus now.
Lorelai: Hey, why don't you make up three fabulous cheeseburgers and send two over there? I'll have mine here.
Luke: First I gotta watch a man walk out on you, then I gotta watch you eat alone? Nope. Too pathetic.
Lorelai: I'm not eating alone. You're here.
Luke: I'm working.
Lorelai: Yeah, but after three cheeseburgers, you're done. Unless you're expecting Elijah to stop by.
Luke: Okay, fine.


Quote from Lane

Mrs. Kim: Lane Kim! [shouts in Korean]
Lane: My mom.
Rory: My mom.
Todd: Two moms. That's gotta be bad.

Quote from Lane

Mrs. Kim: You break, you buy.
Man: But it was sticking out in the aisle.
Mrs. Kim: You break, you buy!
Man: I didn't put it in the aisle.
Mrs. Kim: You have eyes?
Man: Yes.
Mrs. Kim: These eyes work?
Man: Yes.
Mrs. Kim: They can make out shapes, sizes, colors?
Man: Yes, they can do all that, but...
Mrs. Kim: Eyes work! They see lamp in aisle, they send message to brain: "Lamp in aisle, move." You move, you don't break lamp. You have no eyes, not my problem, that's between you and them. You break, you buy! [the man hands her money] We appreciate your business.

Quote from Lane

Lane: [answers phone] Rory?
Rory: Lane?
Lane: I'm standing in the yard! I'm standing in the yard!
Rory: Oh, my God! She let you out?
Lane: I can go as far as the sign!
Rory: That's so great!

Quote from Rory

Lorelai: Where are you going?
Rory: Lane's allowed out for 15 minutes. I'm gonna yell at her from across the street.
Lorelai: Still want your burger?
Rory: I'll be back.
Lorelai: Yell hi for me!

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