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Quote from Rory in How Many Kropogs to Cape Cod?

Rory: [on the phone] I am not returning the blue sweater again, so don't think about asking.
Lorelai: But I want it, I need it.
Rory: I've already returned the Capri pants twice. I've tried to return a couple of your other items that were all sales final, which makes me look retail simple. And this is not the first, but the second time I will have returned the blue sweater.
Lorelai: Ooh, the Capri pants. Have you taken those back yet?
Rory: I can't show my face in any stores in New Haven. They think I'm Paper Mooning them.
Lorelai: Oh, she was very cute in Paper Moon. You're very cute, too.
Rory: Calling me cute is not going to persuade me. And I have classes. A life.

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