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Quote from Paris in Say Something

Paris: Don't forget the raisin bran. It's good for you. Keeps you moving.
Rory: Whatever that means. Ew, I just got what that means.
Paris: Cognitive skills are slow today. Grab some Corn Flakes. Nietzsche and Lichtenstein went ape guano over Corn Flakes.
Rory: So they make you smart, German and depressed. Why do they have so much Wheat Chex? It doesn't go with anything.
Paris: Wheat Chex are sort of the pumpernickel bread of the cereal world.
Rory: Well put. So what combo are you thinking today?
Paris: Cap'n Crunch over a foundation of Rice Krispies, with a perimeter of Shredded Wheat.
Rory: Bold.
Paris: I like its prospects.
Rory: I love cereal.
Paris: It rocks.

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