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Quote from Kirk in Chicken or Beef?

Kirk: [on the phone] I responded to the activation of an alarm at your residence, and I apprehended a prowler in the garage.
Lorelai: You did?
Kirk: Yes, ma'am. Female, approximately eighteen years old, Korean.
Lorelai: Kirk, that's Lane. You know Lane.
Kirk: I thought I knew Lane, but now I think she's in some kind of gang.
Lane: Lorelai, help.
Kirk: Their front is some sort of musical group.
Lorelai: They are a musical group, Kirk. [to Rory] Honey, go sort it out.
Rory: Got it.
Lorelai: Rory's on her way over. Brown hair, blue eyes, about 5'6". Don't cuff her.
Kirk: 10-4.

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