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Quote from Lorelai in The Lorelais' First Day at Yale

Lorelai: Well, I can vouch for this man. I mean, I know he cared for Nicole, and apparently they both got a little rash. I mean, not in "apply to affected area twice daily" rash, I mean rash in that they hastily entered into a union.
Mr. Blodgett: We know all this.
Lorelai: But if you think he married her to get something, I know that's not true. He's basically a hermit, and happy to be one. I could show you his place upstairs. I mean, you half expect Hari Krishnas to jump out of the bathroom banging tambourines. All he likes is fishing and watching baseball, and he's got a reel and he's got a TV, so he's all set. So when he says he wants nothing, I know he means it, because when I think of Luke Danes, I think nothing.
Luke: Mr. Blodgett, Steins one and two, there you go.

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